The estate of the distillery Berentzen in the "Ritterstrasse" is surrounded by old half-timbered houses which the firm uses as company buildings. The most interesting house is the "Westerholtsche Burgmannshof" (a Burgmannshof is a castle-like building).



brennereiIn a former malt factory the corn schnapps distillery B.Berentzen runs a museum since 1984 informing about the history of distilleries. The museum was built on the foundation walls of a former Burgmannshof (houses resembling castles) called "Bentinckhof".



HeimatmuseumEntering through the huge gate of the open-air museum the visitor immediately feels the special atmosphere resulting from the traditional half-timbered houses.



It has been proven that as long ago as the tenth century a church was situated in Haseluenne. At this time the building was made of wood. Around the year 1200, however, it was changed to a stone construction. The floor plan of this version was found during a fundamental restoration process. The St. Vincentius church you see today was constructed in the fifteenth/beginning sixteenth century.


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Im Jahr 2001 feierten die ev.-luth. Christen den 100. Geburtstag ihrer Kirche. Ein Betsaal (der heutige Raum hinter dem Kirchraum) mit einer kleinen Wohnung machte 1901 den Anfang. Nach dem 2. Weltkrieg kamen viele evangelisch-lutherische Flüchtlinge ins Emsland. 1951 wurde die Kirche um den heutigen Kirchraum erweitert und eine Pfarrstelle wurde eingerichtet. 1955 kam der Glockenturm dazu.

kapellebueckelteThe chapel in Bueckelte is an almost 500 years old late Gothic building.
Its 1963 uncovered frescos at the chorus stem from its date of origin and make the church a famous architectural monument visited by many tourists.



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KlosterkircheChronik der alten Klosterkirche

(aus dem Rekommationsbuch der Klarissen)



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